Active-Semi, Qorvo

Power Loss Protection

The ACT4910 device is a highly integrated power loss protection IC. It provides backup storage power in the event of an input power failure. A built-in boost converter provides high voltage energy storage to minimize storage capacitor size requirements.
Power Loss Protection
●Wide 2.7-to-18V Operating Input Range
●24V Max Input Blocking Voltage
●Adjustable Bus Voltage Start-Up Slew Rate for In-rush Current Control
●Programmable up to 10A Input Current Limit
●Programmable 5V to 36V Boost Storage Voltage
●Undetectable Transition from Input Supply to Capacitor Bank Power
●Compatible with Different Types of Storage Caps:
●Super Caps, Electrolytic, Tantalum, POSCAP etc.
●ADC Monitoring of Critical Signals
●Autonomous Health Monitoring for Detection of Earlier Storage Capacitor Failures
●Configurable Interrupts to Inform Host for any Faults/Status Change
●eFuse, Boost, and Buck UV/OV/OC Protection

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