Clock Jitter Attenuators, Jitter Cleaners

The Silicon Labs jitter attenuators lead the industry in jitter performance and frequency flexibility. Designed to meet the exacting specifications and high-performance requirements of Internet infrastructure, these best-in-class, ultra-low jitter clock devices reduce cost and complexity for a wide range of timing applications.  
Clock Jitter Attenuators, Jitter Cleaners
The Si539x (A/B/C/D) any-frequency jitter attenuating clocks generate output frequency (100 Hz to 1028 MHz) from any input frequency (8 kHz to 750 MHz), yet still deliver industry-leading jitter performance (90-fs RMS phase jitter). The Si5395/4/2 (P) offers the best in class jitter (69-fs RMS phase jitter) for ultra-high performance applications like 56G/112G SerDes. Our innovative architecture combines proprietary DSPLL® and MultiSynth technologies, providing infinite frequency synthesis and jitter attenuation in a highly integrated PLL solution.

  • Generates any combination of output frequencies from any input frequency
  • Ultra low jitter: 69 fs
  • SyncE G.8262 compliant
  • Enhanced hitless switching minimizes output phase transients
  • Synchronous, free-run and holdover modes
  • Status monitoring: LOL, LOS, OOF
  • Output frequency up to 1028 MHz
  • Re-programmable to any frequency without BOM changes
  • In-Circuit programmable via SPI and I2C
  • Drop-in compatible with Si5345/44/42
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