Monolithic Power Systems

60V 3-Phase BLDC Motor Pre-Driver

MP6530是为三相无刷直流电动机驱动器应用设计的栅极驱动器IC。 它能够驱动三个半桥,这些桥由6个高达60V的N沟道功率MOSFET组成。
60V 3-Phase BLDC Motor Pre-Driver
The MP6530 uses a bootstrap capacitor to generate a supply voltage for the high-side MOSFET driver. An internal trickle-charge circuit maintains sufficient gate driver voltage at 100% duty cycle. Internal safety features include programmable over-current protection, adjustable dead-time control, UVLO, and thermal shutdown. The MP6530 is available in 28-pin, 9.7mm×6.4mm TSSOP-EP and 4mmx4mm QFN-28 package with an exposed thermal pad on the back.

  • Wide 5V to 60V Input Voltage Range
  • Bootstrap Gate Driver with Trickle-Charge Circuit Supports 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • Low-Power Sleep Mode for Battery-Powered Applications
  • Programmable Over-Current Protection of External MOSFETs
  • Adjustable Dead-Time Control to Prevent Shoot-Through
  • Thermal Shutdown and UVLO Protection
  • Fault Indication Output
  • Thermally Enhanced Surface-Mount Package

*MPS Authorized Distributor
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