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EDOM+ PollenTech - Your Best Integrated Hardware and Software System Solution Partner

Professional software design services for IoT device/system manufacturers and silicon customers, we can help our customers and partners accelerate the development of unique their unique applications and enable advanced solutions for the IoT. 

Our Advantage : 
  • Providing platform turn-key solutions for mainstream and potential market.
  • Having abundant experience and competency in design-in backed up by an outstanding technical team comprised of engineers of various expertise.
  • Having close ties with major manufacturers in Asia.
  • Enjoying plenty of experience in megatrend products and management.

Our Service :
  • Integrated hardware and software service 
  • Software development (Kernel to full applications / Any major OS / RTOS to Android)
  • Consulting service: help customer/partner explore, analyze and define the numerous and sometimes dizzying possibilities existing within the IoT market today and will guide you to find the optimal solution that meets your specific needs.

Application : 
  • IoT and Mobile
  • Consumer electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Industrial
  • Automotive

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About EDOM Technology
More than Distribution, EDOM is Your Best Solutions Partner
Founded in July 1996 and headquartered in Taipei, EDOM Technology is Asia’s best distribution and solutions provider. With subsidiaries in China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and South Korea, EDOM provides best-in-class distribution and solutions-based services to vendors, ODMs and OEMs around Asia and the world. EDOM has years of experience serving established markets and anticipating the requirements for leading edge products and applications, including portable and wearable devices, wireline and wireless communications, Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, robotics, medical, industrial control, computers and many other applications. With deep technical experience in opto-electronics, digital, analog and mixed-signal applications, and excellent logistics and operation, EDOM bridges the gap between vendors, customers and partners to provide a full range of services and solutions.

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About PollenTech Oy
PollenTech accelerates time-to-revenues for its customers by providing robust and field-proven embedded software design and development services. Leveraging their past experience working as part of top-tier mobile and connectivity companies, PollenTech delivers high-quality solutions to meet the most stringent customer requirements and schedules. PollenTech can address any and all layers of the embedded SW stack from kernel to applications, any RTOS or Linux-based operating system, various connectivity stacks, all IC vendor platforms including all IoT silicon vendors and, a variety of applications including IoT sensors and gateways, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive and cellular.

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