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Development of Charging Regulator ICs / Battery Voltage Monitoring ICs for Batteries Compatible with CV (Constant-Voltage) Charging

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. (Tokyo Japan: President, Koji Shibamiya, 6616: 1st section at Tokyo Stock Exchange) has developed the XC6240 charging regulator ICs and XC6140 battery voltage monitoring ICs, specialized for batteries compatible with CV (constant-voltage) charging.

In recent years, a variety of battery types such as semi-solid state batteries and all-solid state batteries have been developed, some of which are compatible with CV (constant-voltage) charging. Torex has now developed charging regulator ICs and battery voltage monitoring ICs which allow constant-voltage (CV) charging of 2.3V-type lithium secondary batteries.

The charging regulator ICs have an output voltage compatible with the charging voltage of 2.3V-type lithium secondary batteries, and are capable of charging without exceeding the maximum charging voltage limit of secondary batteries even when considering voltage fluctuations. While charging is not being performed, the sink current to charging ICs from secondary batteries can be kept to a low level, contributing greatly to the extension of battery drive times.

The battery voltage monitoring ICs are set with a detection voltage and release voltage that are optimized for the properties of 2.3V-type lithium secondary batteries. The detection voltage can be selected from a range of 1.6V to 2.2V, in accordance with the application and battery internal resistance. The release voltage is fixed at 2.475V and is set as a voltage to implement release when charging begins by a charging regulator.

Both of these products are available with compact, low-profile packages (XC6240: USPN-4, USP-6B06 / XC6140: USPQ-4B05) as well as SSOT-24, allowing them to be mounted in devices requiring smaller sizes or lower profiles, in a variety of applications.  (Source: Torex website)
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