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Superior Sensor Technology’s New Differential Pressure Sensor Enables Higher Pulmonary Testing Range in Spirometers

Offers Better Cost Performance for Testing People with Larger Lung Capacity

Superior Sensor Technology today announced the SP160 pressure sensor that will enable manufacturers to cost effectively develop spirometry equipment with more precise spirometric measurements for higher pressure range applications, such as athletes with larger lung capacity.  The SP160 is the first single sensor to support Multi-RangeTM with four multiple programmable high pressure variants, ranging from 5K Pa to 40K Pa, with a very stable zero measurement and no degradation to performance on each variant. Other pressure sensor solutions require multiple sensors to achieve the same results, making it more expensive and time consuming for manufacturers to develop spirometers with these higher pressure ranges. 

The SP160 is based on the company’s proprietary NimbleSense™ architecture, which is the first intelligent system-in-a-sensor that offers manufacturers a high-performance, programmable, flexible sensor solution. The SP160’s unique Multi-Range capability supports four pressure variants, ±5K Pa, ±10 K Pa, ±20K Pa, ±40K Pa, with an industry leading accuracy of <0.10% and TEB of <0.30% on each pressure variant. With an output rate of 500 Hz, the SP160 includes a programmable bandwidth filter that supports 8 bandwidth ranges from 25 Hz to 250 Hz. The SP160 also incorporates Superior Sensor Technology’s Z-Track™ technology, a proprietary algorithm that virtually eliminates zero drift, offering highly accurate pulmonary pressure readings in spirometer devices. Pin compatible with the rest of Superior Sensor Technology’s SP Series Differential Pressure Sensor devices, the SP160 can easily be incorporated in customers current spirometer designs. 

“The SP160 is the result of our customers requesting a higher performance Multi-Range sensor solution that could enable them to develop a spirometer with a pressure range capacity of up to 40,000 Pascal with highly accurate spirometric measurement readings.” said Jim Finch, CEO and Co-Founder, Superior Sensor Technology. “Our proprietary NimbleSense architecture and Z-Track technology are enabling us to develop a new generation of differential pressure sensors that are raising the performance bar in the industry and enabling us to offer manufacturers of spirometer and other pulmonary testing equipment more efficient, cost effective solutions.”  (Source: Superior Sensor Technology website)
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