September Newsletter: Post-Pandemic Cyber Resilience | Piezo Haptic Whitepaper


Building Cyber Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World

The term cyber resiliency refers to a system's ability to continuously deliver an intended outcome despite adverse cyber events such as cyberattacks. What companies should be planning for is how to become more resilient to attacks and how to recover from attacks when they happen.

Lattice's MachX03D™ and Mach™-NX FPGAs address cyber resiliency requirements by providing features such as a secure dual-boot capability. Once the system is up and running, these FPGA devices continue to maintain cyber resiliency by protecting, detecting, and recovering themselves from malicious attacks...(Read Full Article)
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Featured Products

Lattice Mach Series
MachXO3D enables Hardware Root-of-Trust and pre-verified cryptographic functions. Programmable logic combined with secure dual boot configuration block provides flexibility during design implementation and enables secure updates.
Mach-NX includes immutable Secure Enclave to enable HW RoT & 384-bit cryptography and provides real-time firmware protection with nanosecond response time to block malicious activity on the system bus.
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Optical DSP

Credo Seagull XR8 Optical DSP is designed for optical interconnect of data centers, Cloud service providers, wireless service providers, and high-speed data network applications. (Learn More)
Marvell alaska
Ethernet Transceiver

Marvell 88X93160 is implemented in the latest 5nm node, the 800GbE PHY provides a 40% savings in I/O power compared to the existing 50G PAM4 based I/Os. (Learn More)
Smart Retimer

Astera Labs Smart Retimers have a successful deployment at multiple cloud and server OEMs, and interoperability testing alongside leading CPU, GPU, and end point vendors. (Learn More)
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Clock Generator

Skyworks Si5391 clock generators combine a wide-band PLL with proprietary MultiSynth™ fractional synthesizer technology to offer a versatile and high performance platform. (Learn More)

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Windows 11 will support haptic trackpads out of the box. PC OEMs can customize and use thinner piezo trackpads to design lighter and thinner notebooks.
Microsoft announced their first Surface Haptic Pen. Those new features turn the stylus market into a unique high-growth opportunity for PC OEMs.
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