Optical Sensor for Heart Rate Monitoring Ideal for Wearables

Optical Sensor for Heart Rate Monitoring Ideal for Wearables
ROHM- BH1790GLC -diagram-EDOM

Achieves class-leading low power consumption - ROHM combines considerable optical sensor development expertise with original analog circuit technology to improve sensitivity, making it possible to accurately detect pulse waves even with low LED brightness. This reduces power consumption by approx. 74% - the lowest in its class – contributing to longer battery life in wearable devices.

Superior IR removal characteristics enable high accuracy detection - A photodiode matched to the green wavelength ideal for pulse detection is used, along with a filter structure optimized for pulse detection that integrates green and IR cut filters in the receiver block. As a result, high accuracy is achieved while susceptibility to IR rays reduced by 10x compared with conventional products, enabling stable pulse detection even under noisy IR conditions such as direct sunlight or strenuous activity (i.e. sports).

Decreases mounting area by 30%, reducing design load - The BH1790GLC is capable of detecting high quality pulse signals using low VF low brightness LED elements, eliminating the need for DC/DC circuits for LED power supply conventionally required. This decreases mounting area by 30%, lightening development load.

Sports bands, smartwatches, and other wearables
Devices requiring pulse sensing

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