Ambient Light Sensors

An Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) measures the surrounding light and adjusts the brightness of a display or the lighting at the workplace accordingly to optimize image quality and power management. The spectral sensitivity is adjusted according the typical characteristic of a human eye with the maximum sensitivity in the green spectral range.
Ambient Light Sensors
  • TO Can, SMT DIL, TOPLED D5140, TOPLED, Reverse Gullwing, CHIPLED
  • Half angle options from ±55 to ±60
  • Radial T1 (3 mm), Smart DIL or CHIPLED
  • Half angle options from ±60 to ±75°
  • Half angle options from ±55 to ±75°
  • Fast switching time
  • Various package options SMT and through hole
  • High accuracy filters to match human eye sensitivity (Vl) e.g. SFH 5711
  • Logarithmic current output (SFH 5711)
  • Low temperature coefficient

*ams OSRAM Authorized Distributor
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