TLens Silver
The TLens Silver can be mounted on an existing barrel-type fixed-focus camera module, and is designed to support high picture quality and resolutions from 3MP upwards. It is compatible with up to 1/3″ sensor sizes. TLens Silver is not just a replacement of traditional VCM (Voice Coil Motor) technology for autofocus; instead it enables a range of totally new experiences, use cases and opportunities to build innovation.
Key Characteristics:
●Response time down to <1ms
●Ultra-low power consumption <5mW
●Small footprint 3.2mm x 3.2mm
●Aperture 1.55mm
●Focus distance from infinity to 10cm

Potential application areas:
●Camera phones (front and back)
●Wearables incuding AR/VR devices
●Tablet PCs
●HD video cameras
●Handheld devices
●Barcode readers

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