All-in-One Smoke Sensor Solution

All-in-One Smoke Sensor Solution

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All-in-One Smoke Sensor Solution

Smoke detectors are indispensable security devices inside homes and buildings and are legally mandatory in many countries. The smart smoke sensor has seen a surge in demand in homes, thanks to the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), increased functionality and the active promotion by government policy. A potential fire threat can be detected early enough to avoid greater damage and potential loss of life. Once triggered, the smoke sensor will send a warning to your mobile device allowing the owner to contact emergency services even if they are outside their home, it will also start ringing all networked smoke sensors within the home to warn occupants to evacuate immediately. Moreover, these smart sensors can also be integrated with an indoor air quality platform to detect the amount of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and monitor the indoor air quality (IAQ) to provide comprehensive protection to both home safety and air quality.

The EDOM smoke sensor solutions are based on the STMicroelectronics MCU and are equipped with the OSRAM advanced detectors + emitters, the Renesas AI indoor air quality platform, an MPS efficient power management solution, a GP sophisticated primary lithium battery, and other industry-leading semiconductor support components. EDOM's complete smoke sensor platform aims to help designers accelerate time to market, lower development costs, increase overall functionality, and most importantly, help our customers develop the most innovative IoT products.

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  • STM32WB series MCU 

    STM32WB series MCU 

    The STM32WB multiprotocol wireless and ultra-low-power devices embed a powerful and ultra-low-power radio compliant with the Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG specification v5.0 and with IEEE 802.15.4-2011. They contain a dedicated Arm® Cortex® -M0+ for performing all the real-time low layer operation. [Learn More]

  • IR-illumination Emitters (SFH4544) + Detectors (SFH203FA) 

    IR-illumination Emitters (SFH4544) + Detectors (SFH203FA) 

    features black epoxy package, ESD: 2kV acc. to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001, wavelength range 750 nm to 1100 nm, short switching time, and 5 mm LED plastic package. Learn More: [SFH4544] | [SFH203FA

  • Indoor Air Quality Platform featuring Embedded AI - ZMOD4410

    Indoor Air Quality Platform featuring Embedded AI - ZMOD4410

    The Gas Sensor Module is designed for detecting total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ). It is a 12-pin LGA assembly (3.0 x 3.0 x 0.7 mm) that consists of a gas sense element and a CMOS signal conditioning IC. [Learn More]

  • Synchronous Converters - MP3416

    Synchronous Converters - MP3416

    is a low quiescent current, step-up converter that uses peak-current-control and variable frequency architecture to regulate the output voltage. The MP3416 can work with an input voltage as low as 0.86Vto provide an output voltage from 1.8V to 5.5V. [Learn More]

  • GP Primary Lithium - CR123A

    GP Primary Lithium - CR123A

    GP Lithium batteries are able to quickly provide a high outputs, ideal for today's most modern Smart home devices, flashlights, photo flashes and cameras. This sophisticated technology allows a shelf life of 10 years and delivers excellent performance even under extreme temperature conditions. [Learn More]

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