Smart Lock Solution

Smart Lock Solution

Smart Lock - EDOMTECH Reference Design
The rise of AI and 5G drive the developments of the smart home, which also greatly boosts the demand of the smart lock. A wide variety of smart lock technology including fingerprint recognition, face recognition, voice recognition, vein identification, etc. provide people with more choices and higher security standard. According to Strategy Analytics Research, the shipment of smart locks is estimated to be 26 million in 2023. The growth will be twice as much as in 2019. Except for household usage, more and more companies, schools, hospitals, hotels, and public institutions will introduce smart lock to satisfy users' pursuit of smart and easy lifestyle. 

For the current hottest application in the IoT market - smart lock, Silicon Labs offers a wide range of wireless protocol products including Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth, which provides designers a rich, flexible and easy to upgrade option. Furthermore, this helps integrate smart lock with more creative applications. View Smart Home Case Study >>

                                                          Silicon Labs EFR32 v2

Silicon Labs EFR32 Smart Lock Development Components
Z-Wave Modem SoC - EFR32ZG
The wireless Gecko single-chip solution provides the industry's most comprehensive IoT hardware and software connectivity option, which features the new smart Z-Wave platform with the foundation of S2 security architecture. It offers high efficiency and long-distance RF coverage, which is ideal for the smart lock requirements of low power consumption and small package. Learn More >>

Zigbee Multiprotocol Wireless SoC - EFR32MG

EFR32MG is the next-generation IoT SoC supporting multi-protocol, Zigbee, Thread, and Bluetooth mesh networks. With the leading RF and multi-protocol capabilities, it offers the industry's broadest and most scalable IoT connectivity platform. Its products include small SoC components with built-in dedicated security core and RF single-chip, which provides 2.5x more wireless coverage compared to competing solutions. Learn More >>

Bluetooth Wireless SoC - EFR32BG

The Bluetooth mesh solution includes a full suite of development tools and wireless devices, which helps designers quickly and easily complete IoT product from concept to final implementation. Its SoC features superior RF performance, enhanced security crypto accelerators, greater memory capacity options, internal capacitive touch, and additional low-power peripheral and sensor interfaces. Learn More >>

  • LDO - Linear Regulators

    LDO - Linear Regulators

    ROHM offers a wide lineup of general-purpose 3-pin regulators featuring low power consumption, high current capability, and high voltage resistance, making them ideal for smart locks, auto electronics, and industrial devices, etc. Learn More >>

  • Motor Driver - STSPIN240

    Motor Driver - STSPIN240

    It is a dual brush DC motor driver integrating a low RDS power stage in a small QFN 3x3 mm package. Both the full-bridges implement an independent PWM current controller with fixed off time. The device offers a complete set of protection features. Learn More >>

  • Fingerprint Sensor

    Fingerprint Sensor

    It features a full series of solutions such as coating, cover and thin cover plan (TSV), high-quality assurance and good mass production performance, and fully in cooperate with precise biometrics (PB), patent protection. Learn More >>

  • Touch Control IC

    Touch Control IC

    The CPT112S device, part of the TouchXpress family, is designed to quickly add capacitive touch via an I2C interface by eliminating the firmware complexity and reducing the development time for capacitive sensing applications. Learn More >>

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