Docking Station Solution

Docking Station Solution

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Docking Station Makes Your Mobile Devices More Functional

Consumer demand for ultra-thin and ultra-light mobile devices, tablets, and laptops has greatly reduced the number of external ports that can be supported on these new smaller devices. This downside can be alleviated using an appropriate docking station to expand the flexibility and capability of these more complex mobile device setups. These docking stations allow users to connect laptops to monitors, charge accessories, access extra storage, and make laptops more functional, typically through the connection of a single cable. Estimates from Research and Markets Market Research Agency suggest that the global docking station market will grow at a CAGR of 3.05% from 2019-2027. The major applications and markets are diverse and include personal working environments, video games, school education, and business offices.

One docking station solution is based on the Kinetic advanced DP MST Hub+USBC Demux and TCPC equipped with the Analogix low-power consumption Retimer, Dialog high-performing PMICs, Terminus highly-integrated USB Hub, MPS full-feature buck-boost controller, and other industry-leading semiconductor components. EDOM's complete docking station platform aims to help designers accelerate time to market, lower development costs, and increase overall functionality. 

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Docking Station Block Diagram
docking station block diagram
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  • USB Type-C / DisplayPort1.4 MST Hub - MCDP50x0

    USB Type-C / DisplayPort1.4 MST Hub - MCDP50x0

    is an advanced DisplayPort1.4 MST hub with an integrated USB type-C de-multiplexer, targeted primarily for mobile notebook accessory and display applications. [Learn More]
    Type-C Port Controller - MCDP9000 is a USB Type-C Port Controller primarily targeted for USB type-C alternate mode or Power Delivery devices, which implement USB PD communication stack based on TCPM/TCPC topology. [Learn More]

  • 10G Active Mux (6x4) with Integrated Re-timers for USB3.2/DisplayPort1.4 - ANX7443

    10G Active Mux (6x4) with Integrated Re-timers for USB3.2/DisplayPort1.4 - ANX7443

    is a retiming mux capable of switching DisplayPort and USB3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps signals to support a single USB Type-C port. It has built-in retimers to recover both the USB and DP signals with loss compensation of 23dB for USB and up to 27dB for DP. [Learn More]

  • Programmable PMIC for Quad-Core Application Processors - DA9063

    Programmable PMIC for Quad-Core Application Processors - DA9063

    is a flexible, scalable system PMIC capable of powering a wide range of multicore SoCs, FPGAs, memory subsystems, and peripherals. [Learn More]



     is a highly integrated, high quality, high performance, low power consumption, yet a low-cost solution for USB 2.0 4-Port Hub. It adopts Multiple Transaction Translator (MTT) architecture to explore the maximum possible throughput. [Learn More]

  • Buck-Boost Controller - MPQ4214

    Buck-Boost Controller - MPQ4214

    is a full-feature, buck-boost controller to support USB PD3.0 power solutions for docking station USB power designs. The MPQ4214 is a synchronous, four-switch, buck-boost controller capable of regulating different output voltages with a wide input voltage range and high efficiency. [Learn More]

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