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Smart Lock
The Smart Home market is primarily driven by the rising demand for safety and convenience, especially to Smart Lock application. Smart locks feature to be easy to manage, user-friendly , and smart in a way that traditional locks do not. Smart locks allow homeowners to control, monitor and operate theirs locks by using smartphones, computers, and other smart devices.

EDOM introduces Smart Lock Reference Design that integrates high-performance and high-efficiency components with multi-innovation identification technologies targeted to be more power consumption and low cost.

Our reference design allow you to lock/unlock door from an costumed APP, fingerprint sensor or touch password. Also, the average current is about 20-30uA that is the complete solution to manage your home, office, hotel, rental property, padlocks and others.
Smart Lock
  1. BLE setting and unlock
  2. Touch password setting and unlock
  3. Fingerprint sensor setting and unlock
  4. password user management controlled by APP
  • Bluetooth Low Energy System On Chip

    Bluetooth Low Energy System On Chip

    The BlueNRG-1 is a very low power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) single-mode system-on-chip, compliant with Bluetooth specifications.

    The BlueNRG-1 extends the features of award-winning BlueNRG network processor, enabling the usage of the embedded Cortex M0 to run the user's application code.

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  • Capacitive Touch Controller

    Capacitive Touch Controller

    CPT112S-GM 12 Channel TouchXpress Capacitive Touch Controller

    The CPT112S-GM is an 12 channel capacitive touch controller. Available in a QFN20 package (3x3) the CPT112S-GM provides a reconfigurable I2C interface. 

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  • Low voltage dual brush DC motor driver

    Low voltage dual brush DC motor driver

    The STSPIN240 is a dual brush DC motor driver integrating a low RDS(ON) power stage in a small QFN 3 x 3 mm package.

    Both the full-bridges implement an independent PWM current controller with fixed OFF time.

    The device is designed to operate in battery-powered scenarios and can be forced into a zero- consumption state allowing a significant increase in battery life.

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  • Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit

    Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit

    The CPT112S TouchXpress Evaluation Board features 12 capacitive sense pads with an optional 4 channel slider along with a buzzer for touch feedback. The board can be connected to a host processor through the expansion header or breakout pins and to a PC using the USB connector. Using the CPT112S evaluation board along with software demos built in the kit will allow interface to all EFM8™ and EFM32™ families of MCUs. All the collateral is targeted at easily enabling developers and reducing their time-to-market. Support from Simplicity Studio software.
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