Voice Control Solution

Voice Control Solution

Voice Control Development Solution - EDOM Technology
Voice control has been an important interactive interface in our lives. More and more end products from smart homes, wearable applications to automotive technology use voice control to provide an intuitive communication interface between human and computers.  EDOM TECH Intelligent Voice Control Solution uses the intelligent audio microphone chip tailored for voice recognition from Knowles along with the low power MCU from NXP, and the CMOS LDO Regulator from ROHM, which meets the requirements of computing capabilities and technical specifications. 

The solution is a low-power off-line voice control module with high-accuracy voice wake and voice command keyword recognition to wake up and control any electronic system from a trigger phrase. It integrates high performance acoustic SiSonic MEMS,  ultra-low power DSP, MCU, CODEC, and software into a single miniature package, which greatly simplifies the integration effort of adding voice control feature to the electronic system, and brings the benefit of accelerating times to market with a turnkey design.

voice control module
EDOM Tech Voice Control Solution supports 22 languages with features of low-power consumption, small size,  and customized system, which can provide strong competitive advantages.  It has been successfully applied to the office LED lighting control system with proven high efficiency. 

It's also very suitable for small home appliances, toy applications. , wearables, medical equipment, and various IoT-related development applications.
  • Knowles SmartMic - IA611

    Knowles SmartMic - IA611

    Knowles SmartMic - IA611 is a “wake-on-voice” SmartMics, featuring a 43MHz Tensilica audio-optimized DSP, and Knowles’ high-performance acoustic SiSonic MEMS technology in a single, miniature, microphone package. The integrated programmable DSP is made available to third-party algorithms, enabling full customization. 

  • NXP MCU - LPC51U68

    NXP MCU - LPC51U68

    NXP MCU - LPC51U68 features added performance, expanded memory resources and flexible serial port configuration, including USB connectivity, bringing unparalleled design flexibility, computing performance and integration into today’s demanding IoT and industrial applications.  

  • ROHM CMOS LDO Regulators

    ROHM CMOS LDO Regulators

    ROHM CMOS LDO Regulator integrates a 200mA output high-performance FULL CMOS regulator into an ultra-compact package. It features a circuit current of only 35µA for low power consumption along with superior noise and load response characteristics, making them ideal for use in power supplies for a wide variety of applications. 

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