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HV Series - 適用於HVAC應用的壓力傳感器

HV160 / HV120 / HV110 / HV210
Industry’s highest performing and most flexible differential pressure sensors, based on NimbleSense™ architecture, for HVAC and air handling applications.
HV Series - 適用於HVAC應用的壓力傳感器
Product Summary:

Superior Sensor Technology's HV Series Family offers the industry's highest performing and most flexible Differential Low Pressure Sensors for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) applications. Targeting pressure ranges from as low as 0.1" inH2O (Water Column) to 60" inH2O with industry leading 16 bits of resolution for each range supported. Competing solutions degrade as the pressure range is lowered; but, Superior's HV Series with the Multi‐Range capability enabled maintains optimal performance from 60" inH2O down to even 0.1" inH2O.

The HV Series family employs Superior's proprietary NimbleSense™ architecture to create the industry's first generation of "Smart Sensors." NimbleSense™ provides very high dynamic range to enable a single device to cover the entire range of HVAC pressure requirements. For example, one Multi‐Range enabled Superior Sensor device can replace three to five (or more) competing products greatly simplifying installation requirements and significantly lowering inventory costs. As an example, an HV Series device installed in the ceiling vent can now be programmed to accommodate any pressure requirement without additional installation charges. For added performance, the HV Series has incorporated a 50/60Hz notch filter to minimize the impact of power noise spikes. The HV Series family provides a new level of integration combining an advanced piezoresistive sensing element with integrated amplification, ADC, DSP and digital interface which greatly simplifies customer integration efforts. The incorporation of advanced digital signal processing enables new functionality thus simplifying system development, manufacturing ease and increased reliability.

Constructed with a high reliability plastic enclosure, the HV Series family provides the ideal combination of very high performance and reliability while ensuring customers have a high volume cost effective solution optimized for their HVAC requirements.
  • Highly integrated sensor with ADC and DSP
  • Selectable pressure range from 0.1 to 60 inH2O
  • Integrated 50/60Hz Notch Filter
  • Selectable Bandwidth Filter from 0.1Hz to 10Hz
  • Very High Accuracy +/‐ 0.1% of Selected Range
  • Long Term Stability +/‐ 0.1% FSS
  • Temperature Compensated 0°C to 50°C
  • Supply Voltage Compensation
  • Fully Integrated Compensation Math
  • Standard I2C and SPI Interface


HV Series Data Sheet  

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