Perception Software

Innoviz’s advanced perception software, a tool for extracting additional data from the point cloud, is designed to be the perfect complement to the company’s hardware offerings and provides vehicles with a deep understanding of any 3D driving scene. Innoviz was one of the first LiDAR companies to develop perception software to accompany its LiDAR products. Innoviz's Perception Software will be available in 2021.
Perception Software
Industry-Leading Software Solution

The perception software leverages the rich data derived from Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors, coupled with proprietary state-of-the-art AI algorithms, to provide leading objection detection, classification and tracking features, as well as collision classification, localization and calibration capabilities.

When deployed alongside and in combination with other sensors’ perception algorithms, Innoviz’s software complements them to enhance performance and safety. The perception software is very resource-efficient and requires low compute power, making it compatible with various automotive-grade compute platforms. This achievement is a key differentiator against hardware-only LiDAR providers.

Key Features
  • Object Detection, Classification & Tracking
  • Pixel Collision Classification
  • Continuous Calibration
  • ASIL B(D) ISO 26262 Compliant
*Innoviz Authorized Distributor
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