NVIDIA Jetson 高效設備管理平台

Allxon swiftDR
Allxon swiftDR series saves you the trouble going on-site for technical maintenance. Powered by Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler and patented Allxon plugIN technology, you can now instantly conduct remote power cycling and SSD recovery actions.
NVIDIA Jetson 高效設備管理平台
Making swiftDR Possible

Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler unlocks two main disaster recovery solutions: Allxon swiftDR for Power Cycling and Allxon swiftDR for SSD Recovery. The OOB Enabler is used to elevate remote device monitoring and managing functions on any edge system by enforcing remote access, even when systems are unresponsive.

Out-Of-Band Power Cycling

Allxon swiftDR for Power Cycling is a powerful disaster recovery tool that helps you instantly resolve system errors and unresponsive devices by remotely turning off and back on your edge systems.

SSD Recovery in Seconds

Allxon swiftDR for SSD Recovery offers you fast system recovery solutions, with exclusive full disk backup storage technology, that gives you the power to remotely roll back operating systems to an earlier status.

Allxon Trial

*Allxon Authorized Distributor
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