ThunderX2™ ARM Processors

High Performance ARMv8 Processors for Cloud and HPC Server Applications
ThunderX2™ ARM Processors
ThunderX2™ ARM Processors

Second generation ThunderX2™ product family provides the best in class 64-bit ARMv8 Data Center & Cloud Processors, offering unprecedented level of integration and industry leading SoC performance. With high performance custom fully out-of-order (OOO) cores, single and dual socket configurations, very high memory bandwidth, large memory capacity, integrated hardware accelerators, fully virtualized core and feature rich I/O's. The ThunderX2 family includes multiple Workload Optimized™ SKUs that enable servers & appliances that are optimized for compute, storage, network and secure compute workloads in the cloud. The ThunderX2 processor family is fully compliant with ARMv8 architecture specifications as well as ARM's SBSA. ThunderX2 further accelerates adoption for ARM servers in mainstream Cloud and HPC deployments by providing the next level of computing performance and ecosystem readiness for commercial deployments.

This product family is based on highly efficient full custom processor cores designed by Cavium in FinFet process technology under architectural license from ARM. It is fully compliant with ARMv8 architecture as well as ARM's Server Base System Architecture (SBSA) standard while bringing to market dramatic enhancements that include: 
  • ARM based server class SoC that integrates a large number of custom ARMv8-A cores and scales to high core frequency
  • ARM based SoC to be fully cache coherent across dual sockets using 2nd generation of Cavium Coherent Processor Interconnect (CCPI™)
  • The largest integrated I/O capacity with 100s of Gigabits of I/O bandwidth using integrated 25Gbps SerDes
  • Multiple DDR4 72 bit memory controllers capable of supporting highest performance server memories with 1+TB of memory in a dual socket configuration
  • Hundreds of integrated hardware accelerators for security, storage, networking and virtualization applications
  • Virtualization everywhere with Cavium virtSOC ™ technology – Full system level low latency virtualization solution from core to I/O
  • Support for PCIe Gen3 x16 along with integrated IO and SATAv3 ports
ThunderX2 Customer Reference Platforms:
Cavium shall be enabling ThunderX2 family with reference platform via its preferred ODM. These reference platforms would also accelerate the development cycle for those customers, who are building their own platforms and developing their software stack deploying ThunderX2. There by accelerating the time to market for ThunderX2 platforms being deployed in the Cloud and Data Center infrastructure.

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