Wireless Connector

Wireless Connector

High Performance - Lattice Snap™ wireless connector delivers up to 12 Gb/s of bi-directional bandwidth.

Robust and Elegant Design - Designers are liberated from the mechanical constraints of connectors, leading to optimized industrial designs that are thinner, lighter, and free from damage caused by water, dust, mud, and humidity.

Regulatory Compliance - Modules with SiBEAM Snap technology are compliant with international regulatory requirements.
12 Gb/s bidirectional bandwidth
Simultaneous transfer of standard protocols such as USB 2.0 (LS, FS, or HS), USB 3.1 Gen1, and I2C
Elimination of mechanical connector failures caused by plugging/unplugging of cables
Flexible connector placement - external box-to-box connections no longer have to be on the edge of a device
No firmware/drivers required - mimics a mechanical connector such that no additional software drivers are required to enable link
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