Sky5™ Platform

Sky5™ Platform
Sky5™ is Skyworks' unifying platform that will power revolutionary 5G applications. Our unprecedented Sky5™ suite of highly flexible and customizable system solutions provide breakthrough performance, footprint and power efficiency transforming the way we live, work, play and educate.

Sky5™ Products
Skyworks is pleased to introduce products from its breakthrough Sky5™ platform enabling 5G connectivity. These advanced wireless engines include highly integrated, high performance transmit/receive front-end solutions as well as diversity receive (DRx) modules. They are designed specifically for new spectrum in the sub-6 GHz range, are baseband agnostic and compliant with 3GPP standards. Additionally, they offer a MIPI® interface and are highly flexible with customizable architectures to deliver exceptional performance, footprint and power efficiency.

5G NR power amplifier module with integrated filtering and dual path low-noise amplifiers (LNA) supporting N77, N78, N79 and B42, B43, B48 bands. This device also utilizes SkyBlue™ technology and integrates a dual antenna output.

5G NR diversity receive module with integrated filtering and dual-path LNAs supporting N77, N78, N79 and B42, B43, B48 bands. This device also incorporates a dual antenna interface.

eLAA front-end module with a dual-mode power amplifier and simultaneous LAA/Wi-Fi receive functionality (planned release late 2018).

Cellular Vehicular-to-Everything (C-V2X) front-end module with Class 2 power and integrated gain control (planned release late 2018).

Skyworks 5G whitepaper
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