Backplane & Line Card Connectivity

Bald Eagle Retimer
Credo is at the forefront of 400G/800G backplane and line card connectivity. Credo's product offering includes: Retimers, Gearboxes and MACsec devices. The family supports 56G per lane connectivity and PAM4/NRZ signaling for 12.8Tbps platforms. These scale up to 112G per lane for next generation 800G port connectivity solutions to support 25.6Tbps platforms.
Backplane & Line Card Connectivity
Bald Eagle Supports 56G PAM4 and 28G NRZ
Credo is a leading provider of high performance/low power semiconductor solutions for the data center, enterprise networking, and high-performance computing markets. Our innovative Serializer-Deserializer (SerDes) technology delivers the bandwidth, scalability and end-to-end signal integrity needed to meet the demands of advanced networks up to 800G with single-lane 28G, 56G, or 112G connectivity. 

Credo’s purpose-built approach to SerDes design enables our products to be built on mature process technology, providing our customers with a competitive edge.

The CRT502XX family is suitable for both backplane and front panel applications including cloud-scale switches, high-density routing platforms, and advanced server NIC cards.

Credo Bald Eagle Retimer

Key Features
- Multi-channel bidirectional retimers for 10 - 56Gbps
- Superior random jitter performance
- 35dB reach at 56Gbps
- CEI-56G-VSR/MR/LR-PAM4 compliant
- CEI-28G-LR and CEI-28G-VSR/SR/MR compliant
- TX equalization with programmable main, pre, and post-cursor
- Fully adaptive and programmable RX equalization with CTLE, FFE, and DFE
- Auto negotiation between the link partners on both sides of the retimer (IEEE 802.3 clause 73)
- KR back-channel training (IEEE 802.3 clause 72,92,93,136)
- Input/output polarity switch control
- Register control via I2C or standard MDIO interface
Built in diagnostic features including PRBS generator and checker, PRBS FEC Analyzer, internal eye monitor and analog test point​​​​​​

Functional Block Diagram

Credo Bald Eagle Retimer Block Diagram
*Credo Authorized Distributor
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