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Summit Transmitter Standard Distance TX-SD

Summit SWM908SD TX Module
Summit's transmit module is perfect for in room applications such as TV's, AVR's, and other audio solutions.​
Summit Transmitter Standard Distance TX-SD
The Summit SWM908SD Tx Module, Single Antenna – Standard Distance, is designed for products in non-metallic enclosures such as Soundbars, Televisions, and Audio Hubs, where external antennas are not desired due to cost, size or style limitations. The single internal antenna module employs an RF combiner to provide access to the antenna for both the working and monitor radios, resulting in a module size approximately 30% smaller than the previous two antenna module.
  • 24 RF channels, 5-5.8 GHz operation
  • 7.1 channel, 24-bit, uncompressed audio transmission up to 96 kHz sample rates
  • 5.1 ms/2.6 ms fixed audio latency source to speaker  (48 kHz/96 kHz sample rates, respectively)
  • ±1 μs inter-channel (speaker-to-speaker) delay
  • Single integrated PCB antenna
  • Pre-certified module – FCC part 15, DFS, WiSA
  • Support for Soundbar, TV, and AVR applications
  • Size: 89.79mm x 30.48mm
  • Audio Sampling Rates: 24-bit audio: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, and 96 kHz audio rates supported
  • Latency (I2S source to RX output): Fixed 5.1 ms @ 48 kHz sample rate, 2.6 ms @ 96 kHz sample rate
  • Inter-channel Delay Error: ±1 μs (Speaker-to-speaker timing skew)
  • Frequency Band: U-NII 5.1 – 5.8 GHz, 24 non-overlapping channels (varies by country), DFS support
  • Power Consumption: 2.0 Watts typical; 3.3 VDC ± 5%, 500 mA (typical); 1.2 VDC ± 5%, 165 mA (typical)
  • Transmit Distance: Designed for use in 9 x 9 m (30’ x 30’) rooms
  • Certifications: FCC Part 15 & DFS for US/Canada, EU, Japan, Australia/New Zealand; WiSA
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