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Pressure sensor - HVAC

HV Series
Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense™ technology supports the industry’s first Multi-Range™ pressure sensor. These application specific pressure sensors are calibrated over multiple ranges and a single sensor can be used in place of multiple traditional sensors without further calibration. In addition, they are highly integrated with features that simplify the design cycle and reduce overall BOM costs. These advanced features allow the manufacturer to cut the number of system variants by factors of 3-5x, thus further reducing inventory costs. Also, HVAC installers no longer need to carry many single range transmitter variants to the job site, as each HV Series enabled transmitter can be optimized on site for the desired pressure range.
Pressure sensor - HVAC
In HVAC applications a wide range of full scale pressures are required, typically up to 10” H2O (2500 Pa) down to 1” H2O (250 Pa) and with recent requests down to 0.1” H2O (25 Pa).  Traditional competing sensor products support only a single calibrated full scale range to maintain necessary sensor performance necessitating the use of 3-5 or more separate systems to cover the required range of pressures.
Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense™ technology supports the industry’s first Multi-Range™ offering enabling a single system to cover the full range required while maintaining optimized calibrated performance at each desired pressure range. With a single user command, this sensor family can be optimized for any range from 20” H2O (5000 Pa) down to 0.1” H2O (25 Pa) while maintaining the industry’s highest level of performance. These HVAC application specific sensors allow the manufacturer to cut the number of system variants by factors of 3-5x or more, saving substantially on inventory cost and simplifying manufacturing efforts.

Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense

HV Series Product Brief
Differential Pressure Sensor for HVAC Applications

HV Series
Superior’s HV Series low pressure sensor module family employs NimbleSenseTM a proprietary architecture to create the industry’s widest dynamic range. This wider dynamic range is ideally suited to offer multiple pressure ranges in a single package thus minimizing the number of sensor variants required to support the demanding functional requirements of the HVAC market. 

Industry leading performance ‐ The HV Series measures dry air and non‐aggressive gas pressure with very high accuracy and a stable zero point.
Non‐linearity is also industry leading which is typically better than 0.10% FSS. Power on time is also a consideration and with warm‐up in the range of a few minutes, the HV Series is an excellent choice for time-critical installation applications.

The HV Series family provides a new level of integration combining an advanced piezoresistive sensing element with integrated amplification, ADC, DSP and interface which greatly simplifies customer integration efforts. The incorporation of advanced digital processing enables new
functionality thus simplifying system development, added manufacturing ease and increased reliability.

Constructed with a high reliability plastic enclosure, the HV Series family provides the ideal combination of very high performance and reliability while ensuring customers have a high volume cost effective solution optimized for their HVAC requirements.

Key Features
  • High-performance low-pressure sensor
  • Highly integrated sensor, ADC and DSP
  • Multi‐Range (Up to 7 calibrated ranges/device)
  • Pressure ranges 0.1 to 20 inH2O (25 to 5 kPa)
  • 16 bit resolution (each range)
  • Integrated 50/60Hz notch filter
  • Selectable bandwidth filter from 0.1Hz to 10Hz
  • Output Data Rate from 0.5Hz to 111Hz
  • Total Error Band less than 0.15% FSS
  • Accuracy better than 0.10% Selected Range
  • Long Term Stability +/‐ 0.10% FSS/Yr
  • Exceptional Zero Stability
  • Temperature Compensated 0°C to 50°C
  • Standard I2C and SPI interface

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