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Pressure sensor - Flow Meters

FM Series
Flow meters require a combination of best in class sensor performance – Accuracy, Total Error Band, Low Noise and Stability to achieve very high turndown ratios. In addition, high reliability is necessary to ensure surviving many years in harsh industrial environments. The unique capabilities of our NimbleSense™ architecture create sensors ideally suited for these challenging applications.
Pressure sensor - Flow Meters

FM Series
A mass flow controller is a device used to measure and control the flow of liquids and gases. Typical flow controllers have an inlet port, an outlet port, a mass flow sensor and a proportional control valve. These are closed loop control systems which adjust the output flow rate based on the value of a given input signal.  Mass Flow Controllers are designed and calibrated to control a specific type of liquid or gas at a particular range of flow rates. These controllers can be either digital or analog, with digital controllers typically able to control more than one type of fluid/gas as the calibration settings are programmable in nature.

Superior Sensor Technology has optimized our NimbleSense™ platform for Flow Meter applications with the upcoming FM Series of devices.  This family of products addresses the unique performance requirements of this market with a highly differentiated offering:
Lowest noise floor available to support very high turndown ratios
Industry’s best performance – Accuracy & Total Error Band
Increased stability with excellent long-term drift

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