Automotive VGA Time-of-Flight Sensor

MLX75027 車用 ToF 感測器支持高達 VGA 的解析度。 並搭配 90 nm BSI VGA 像素陣列,為照明單元提供控制訊號,另外具備 MIPI CSI-2 高速串行介面,可將數據傳輸到主機處理器。
Automotive VGA Time-of-Flight Sensor
The MLX75027 automotive Time-of-Flight sensor supports up to VGA resolution. The sensor, alongside the 90 nm BSI VGA pixel array, provides the control signals for the illumination unit and has a MIPI CSI-2 high speed serial interface to stream data to the host processor.

Thanks to a simple supply system, with only three positive voltage domains, the sensor simplifies the design of the supply unit and together with a low power dissipation allows a very compact 3D camera.

The MLX75027 supports up to 100 MHz illumination modulation frequency, which makes it well suited for VCSELs illumination and has a built-in temperature sensor.

The EVK75027 evaluation kit is available to evaluate the MLX75027 automotive VGA ToF sensor.

- Support both 850 and 940 nm wavelength
- Full VGA resolution image acquisition up to 135 distance frames per second
- Integrated light source control with up to 100 MHz modulation frequency
- MIPI CSI-2 serial camera interface
- Integrated temperature sensor

*Melexis Authorized Distributor
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