Ultra Low Power Bluetooth 5.1 SoC

DA14531 為一款小尺寸、高效率的藍牙 SoC 晶片,整合性能強大的 32 位元 Arm Cortex M0+,同時支持最新的藍牙 5.1 核心規範協定堆疊,還可支援降壓模式和升壓模式。
Ultra Low Power Bluetooth 5.1 SoC
SmartBond TINY™, the world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth 5.1 System-on-Chip, brings down the cost of adding Bluetooth low energy in any system to $0.50 in high volumes.

This awesome combination takes mobile connectivity to places previously out of reach, triggering a wave of a billion IoT devices, all with SmartBond TINY at the heart.

The low system cost is achieved through the high level of integration in SmartBond TINY: a complete Bluetooth low energy system can be achieved with the addition of 6 tiny external passives, a crystal and power source. And to lower the barrier of entry, SmartBond TINY will also be available in an easy-to-use tiny module incorporating all the needed components, making the addition of Bluetooth low energy to any application a simple drop-in.

Record low hibernation and active power consumption ensure long operating and shelf life with even the tiniest, disposable batteries. Based on a powerful 32-bit arm Cortex M0+ with integrated memories and a complete set of analog and digital peripherals, SmartBond TINY is extremely power efficient, delivering a record score of 18300 on the latest EEMBC benchmark for IoT connectivity, IoTMark™. Available in a tiny 2.0 x 1.7 mm package, the DA14531 is half the size of its predecessor, or any offering from other leading manufacturers. And it is complemented by a flexible SDK supporting major compilers such as Keil and GCC out of the box.

- Future proof, compliant with Bluetooth 5.1 (core)
- Optimized for disposable products in connected health, connected consumer
  • Designed to work with disposable, even printed batteries
  • Works well with smallest capacity batteries, <<30mAh
  • Supports multiple years of shelf life
  • Inrush current can be limited for disposable batteries with high internal resistance
  • Package design allows for low cost manufacturing with smallest possible footprint
- Only requiring a single 32MHz crystal
- In bypass mode no DC-DC inductor required
- No boost converter required when working with 1.5V batteries
- Production Line Tool for accelerated production ramp up, resulting in faster time to market and shortest production test time per device

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