NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit

NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit 是多功能合一的展示開發模組,適用於 NFC 連線型標籤。 此套件可在嵌入式電子系統中使用 NTAG I2C plus 標籤晶片進行模擬,採多用途微處理器架構開發展示板為基礎,並含有完整的軟硬體工具,可支援 NTAG I2C 晶片操作和 NFC RF 通訊鏈路等。
NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit
NXP’s NTAG I²C plus Explorer Kit is an all-in-one demonstration and development resource for NFC connected tags. Designed to emulate using an NTAG I²C plus tag chip in an embedded electronic system, the kit centers around a multi-purpose microprocessor-based development/demo board, and includes a full complement of hardware and software tools to support investigation of the NTAG I²C chip operation, the NFC RF communication link, and the I²C serial bus connected link; perform a variety of demonstrations; and develop/test your applications.

- NFC Explorer Board with PCB antenna board
  • FCC and CE certified
  • Dual purpose demonstration and development hardware board based on the NXP LPC 11U24 microcontroller
  • Onboard LCD display
  • NXP LM75B temperature sensor
  • Voltage monitors
  • I2C serial bus connector
  • JTAG debug connector
  • Demonstrate bidirectional I2C serial bus/NFC communication
  • Illustrate NDEF messaging
  • Monitor energy harvesting capability
  • Provides a localized application development environment
- Additional components
  • NTAG I2C plus tag chips mounted on a Class 6 Flex-board with built-in I2C serial bus interface connectors for easier product insertion and testing
  • 10 NTAG I2C plus packed SO8 samples may be used for first prototypes
  • Field Detector Board with visual (LED) output to facilitate the location of the optimum RF field, or to ensure that NFC has been enabled
- Applications
  • NTAG I2C plus Demo Application: Android™ NTAG I2C plus NFC read/write demonstration application software for NFC-enabled mobile phones available from Google Play Store
  • Peek and Poke Application: A PC-based NTAG I2C plus device register and memory exploration software tool with a graphical user interface
*NXP Authorized Distributor
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