1D Time-of-Flight Sensor

1D Time-of-Flight Sensor
The single module with VCSEL emitter offers high dynamic range and operates in either a proximity mode (0 – 10 cm) or a ranging mode (10 – 60 cm) for detection sensing. The device utilizes highly sensitive SPAD detection with fast compact time-to digital converters to make high accurate distance measurement within ±5% and is capable of operation in dark environments.

A built-in histogram is featured to detect cover glass and objects behind glass to select object with highest SNR while compensating for dirt and smudges on cover glass to produce artifact free measurement of multiple objects. The histogram enables greater distance between cover glass, delivers dynamic cover glass calibration and crosstalk compensation. Class 1 eye safety is also featured through the narrow sub-nanosecond (<500 ps) fast pulse 940 nm VCSEL driver. Background light noise is minimized through on-chip superior sunlight rejection filter. Data output is through a 1.8V I²C fast-mode communications interface and an integrated micro controller is featured with all algorithms included on-chip with no need for external optics.

  • Direct ToF technology with high sensitivity SPAD detection
  • Fast Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) architecture
  • Sub-nanosecond light pulse
  • 0 – 10cm proximity detection and 10 – 60cm distance sensing @ 60Hz
  • On-chip histogram processing
  • 940nm VCSEL Class 1 Eye Safety with 21° FOI
  • Sunlight on-chip rejection filter and algorithm
  • Industry’s smallest modular OLGA 2.2mm x 3.6mm x 1.0 mm package

  • Delivers high SNR, wide dynamic range and no multi-path reflections
  • Enables “dark and sunlight environment” distance measurement within ±5%
  • Provides best-in-class resolution ranging mode detection sensing
  • Enables cm detect/release proximity events
  • Provides high accuracy, greater distance between cover glass, dynamic cover glass calibration, dirt or smudge removal and crosstalk compensation
  • Eye-safety circuitry stops VCSEL driver if VCSEL fault occurs
  • Optical filters with algorithm support enables high ambient light resilience
  • Reduce board space requirements, enables low-profile system designs in restricted space Industrial Designs

  • Contactless potentiometers
  • Contactless knobs
  • Pedals
  • RC servos
  • Other angular position measurement solutions

*ams OSRAM Authorized Distributor
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