Silicon Carbide MOSFET

SCTXXXX series, SCHXXXX series
In principle, there is no tail current during switching, resulting in faster operation and reduced switching loss. In addition, the low ON resistance and compact chip size ensure low capacitance and gate charge. SiC exhibits minimal ON resistance increases and provides greater package miniaturization, and energy savings than Si devices, in which the ON resistance can more than double with increased temperature.
Silicon Carbide MOSFET
SiC is attracting much attention as a next-generation compound semiconductor due to its superior characteristics over silicon.

Auxiliary power supplies used in high voltage, high power industrial equipment typically utilize high voltage (>1000V) silicon MOSFETs. But by replacing these with high efficiency SiC MOSFETs heat generation can be significantly reduced, eliminating the need for external parts such as heat sinks.

ROHM has recently expanded its considerable lineup by offering 1700V class SiC MOSFETs along with an evaluation board that facilitates performance verification and application development.

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