AudioSmart® Far-Field Voice DSPs

Delivering a smart digital assistant is a now a topic that dominates the boardrooms of many major IoT companies. As voice activation and artificial intelligence (AI) transform the smart device market, engineering teams strive to deliver extraordinary experiences to customers through conservational speech.
AudioSmart® Far-Field Voice DSPs
AudioSmart® Far-Field Voice DSPs
The future is now. Voice has become the most exciting interface for interacting with consumer electronics, from tiny wearables to large appliances. Driven by advancements for the smart home and more broadly consumer IoT, smart speakers, smart thermostats, and smart lighting are quickly advancing due to AudioSmart far-field voice technology. Throughout the voice revolution, Synaptics has been bolstering its industry-leading portfolio of advanced audio hardware and software solutions designed to help today’s always-listening voice-enabled devices hear and be heard better.


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