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12 Channel TouchXpress Capacitive Touch Controller

The CPT112S is an 12 channel capacitive touch controller. Available in a QFN20 package (3x3) the CPT112S-GM provides a reconfigurable I2C interface.
12 Channel TouchXpress Capacitive Touch Controller
The CPT112S device, part of the TouchXpress family, is designed to quickly add capacitive touch via an I2C interface by eliminating the firmware complexity and reducing the development time for capacitive sensing applications.

Supporting up to 12 capacitive sensor inputs in packages as small as a 3 mm x 3 mm QFN, the CPT112S is a highly-integrated device that interfaces via I2C to the host processor to provide a simple solution for adding capacitive touch. The device also comes with advanced features like moisture immunity, wake-on proximity, and buzzer feedback for an enhanced user experience. No firmware development is needed, and all the capacitive touch sense parameters can be configured using a simple GUI-based configurator. By eliminating the need for complex firmware development, the CPT112S device enables rapid user interface designs with minimal development effort.

  • No firmware development required
  • Simple GUI-based configurator
  • 12 Capacitive Sensor inputs with programmable sensitivity
  • Configurable multi-button slider
  • I2C interface to communicate to the host
  • Lowest power capacitive sense solution
  • Active — 200 μA
  • Sleep — 1 μA
  • Wake on proximity
  • Superior noise immunity: SNR up to 270:1
  • Moisture immunity
  • Mutually-exclusive touch qualifier
  • Button touch time-out to avoid false touches
  • Buzzer output for audible touch feedback

The CPT112S device is ideal for a wide range of capacitive touch applications including
the following:
  • Home appliances
  • Instrument / Control panels
  • White goods
  • Medical equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Lighting control

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