Universal digital multicell controller with PMBus

The STRG06 is a high performance digital controller featuring the innovative and patented ST RVCOT control loop that allows to implement a high efficiency DC-DC converter in single stage conversion directly from the 60 V bus.
Universal digital multicell controller with PMBus
In combination with the STRG02 and STRG04, the device is able to implement a scalable power supply with output power ranging from 50 W up to > 300 W featuring auto cell shedding and PFM to optimize the overall efficiency maintaining a > 90% baseline over the whole current range without compromising the load transient and DVID response.

The STRG06 device can be fully configured through the PMBus to minimize the external component count. A full set of telemetry is provided including the BBR, CFP and primary / secondary side telemetry.

The device assures fast and independent protection against the positive and negative OC (per cells), over/undervoltage and FB disconnection.

The STRG06 is available in a VFQFPN68, 8 x 8 mm package with an exposed pad.

Key Features
  • High performance resonant digital control loop RVCOT
  • Drives up to 6 cells with STRG02 and STRG04, from 50 W up to > 300 W
  • Compliant with Intel VR12.5™ and VR13 protocol
  • Fully configurable through PMBus™ Rev1.2
    • Telemetry for primary and secondary
    • Full IC configuration / management
    • Voltage positioning
  • Advanced power management
    • Auto cell shedding with PFM
    • Low power 1.8 V logic
  • Programmable protections
    • OV / UV and FB disconnection
    • Pos/neg OC per cell
    • Current sharing error
    • Black box recorder (BBR)
    • Catastrophic fault precursor (CFP)
  • Embedded non-volatile memory (NVM)
  • Primary μC interface for telemetry (PuC)
  • Single-wire synchronous rectifier drive
  • RST and EN1V8 for low power mode
  • VFQFPN68, 8 x 8 mm package                
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