Multi-core BLE 5.1 SoC family with system PMU

DA1469x 是一款用於無線連接,最先進且功能豐富的多核微控制器單元系列,配備 Arm Cortex-M33 核心專屬應用處理器的無線微控制器產品。M33 核心為開發人員提供了更強大的處理能力,適用於更高強度的應用。
Multi-core BLE 5.1 SoC family with system PMU
The SmartBond™ DA1469x family of Bluetooth® low energy solutions is Dialog’s most advanced, feature rich range of multi-core microcontroller units for wireless connectivity.

The new product family builds off the successes of Dialog’s SmartBond line, boasting three new cores that offer greater processing power, resources, range and battery life, enabling developers to push the boundaries of a wide array of connected consumer applications. The DA1469x line provides developers with advanced connectivity features to future-proof their devices and fit the needs of multiple applications. As the first wireless MCU in production based on the ARM Cortex M33 processor, DA1469x products offer developers greater processing power for intensive applications like high-end fitness trackers, advanced smart home devices and virtual reality game controllers.

Additionally, these wireless MCUs enable manufacturers to deploy the latest Bluetooth low energy technology, opening up new possibilities such as accurate positioning through the new Angle of Arrival and Angle of Departure features of the Bluetooth 5.1 standard. And, to enhance their sensing functionality, the line features a Sensor Node Controller (SNC) that runs autonomously and independently processes data from sensors connected to its interfaces.

Finally, the DA1469x family features a state-of-the-art Power Management Unit that utilizes best-in-class power management by controlling the different processing cores and only activating them as needed, while also eliminating the need for a separate PMIC and reducing the overall system size. Altogether, the DA1469x line represents Dialog’s most advanced family of Bluetooth low energy products, perfectly suited to meet the demands of tomorrow’s users.

- Supports complex applications while guaranteeing extreme low power consumption
- SW programmable protocol engine ensures end products are future proof
- Enables a rich user experience
- Provides banking-level security for application, data and communication
- Saves up to $1.28 on BoM vs existing wireless MCUs
- Saves up to 38mm2 of PCB space (components + routing) vs existing wireless MCUs

*Dialog Authorized Distributor
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