LPC8N04 Development Kit

Development Board for LPC8N04 MCU 是一款強大而靈活的開發模組,針對基於 Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 的 LPC8N04 創新型 NFC MCU,該模組能夠與廣泛的開發工具結合使用,包括 MCUXpresso IDE 工具鏈等。
LPC8N04 Development Kit
The LPC8N04 Development Board provides a powerful and flexible development system for NXP's innovative, NFC-enabled LPC8N04 Arm® Cortex®-M0+ based MCU. The board can be used with a range of development tools, including the MCUXpresso IDE toolchain. The board is complemented by a simple smartphone application and firmware to utilize the built-in LED array and speaker in a scrolling message demo application with an option for music playback. The LPC8N04 process section of the board, with its integral antenna, can be detached for deployment in prototype or proof-of-concept designs. The board also includes an onboard CMSIS-DAP debug probe which is supported by most IDEs, so development can be started with no additional cost.

- Microcontroller
  • LPC8N04 Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCU running at up to 8 MHz
  • Detachable LPC8N04 minimal target with integrated PCB antenna
- Debug
  • Onboard CMSIS-DAP (debug probe), based on LPC11U35 MCU
  • Debug connector to allow debug of target MCU using an external probe
- Audio
  • Surface-mount speaker with an amplifier for PWM-based sound output
- Power
  • ManagementSupports energy harvesting operation with no battery or external power connection
  • Capable of operating from a choice of coin battery types (not supplied)
- Tools & OS Support
  • Compatible with MCUXpresso IDE and other popular toolchains (incl. IAR and Keil®)
  • Preprogrammed with demo message scrolling/tune playing application (requires NFC-enabled Android phone to use)
- User Components
  • User and target reset buttons
  • 5x7 LED array for user applications
*NXP Authorized Distributor
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