ANX7443 | 10G Active Mux with Re-timers for USB3.2/DisplayPort1.4

ANX7443 is a re-timing mux capable of switching DisplayPort (DP) and USB3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps signals to support a single USB Type-C™ (USB-C™) port.
ANX7443 | 10G Active Mux with Re-timers for USB3.2/DisplayPort1.4
ANX7443 has built-in re-timers to recover both the USB and DP signals with loss compensation of 23dB for USB and up to 27dB for DP. ANX7443 supports Separate Reference Clock Independent SSC (SRIS) and Bit-Level Retimer (BLR) architectures for a hybrid implementation for Gen 1 and Gen 2. SRIS re-timer eliminates jitter transfer and guarantee Gen 2 high-speed operation. Host (source) and device (sink) applications are fully supported by ANX7443 with built-in intelligent switching. With the intelligent digital switching, ANX7443 ensures the enhanced signals from the retimers are preserved and outputted over the USB-C connector. ANX7443 integrates the local reference clock and SBU/AUX mux for switching DP AUX signals and reducing overall system BOM cost.

  • Built-in re-timers
    • Integrated re-timers for USB3.2 up to Gen 2 @ 10Gbps
    • Supports both Separate Reference Clock Independent SSC (SRIS) and Bit-Level Re-timer (BLR) Architectures of USB3.2 Specification (Appendix-E)
    • Integrated re-timers (Link training-tunable PHY repeater) for DisplayPort up to HBR3 @ 8.1Gbps.
      Supports both transparent mode and non-transparent mode (transparent or LTTPR)
    • Supports both host (source) and device (sink) applications in USB-C subsystems
    • Loss compensation to recover up to 23dB channel loss (USB), up to 27dB (DP)
  • Integrated mux
    • Integrated (6x4) mux switches USB and DP signals and preserves enhanced signal output over
      USB-C connector
    • Mux control input through I2C commands from external I2C master (or, optionally through GPIO of
      FLIP/USB_EN/DP_EN pins)
    • Integrated SBU/AUX mux for switching DisplayPort
      AUX +/- signals
  • Integrated reference clock
    • Serial control interfaces
    • I2C Slave interface, up to 1MHz, for mux and re-timer configuration
  • Industry standard compatibility
    • USB3.2 specification, Appendix E
    • DisplayPort 1.4a specification
    • USB Type-C r1.2 specification
    • Intel USB3.2 Repeater and Active Switch specification
  • Low-power design
    • Analog power supply at 1.8V
    • I/O power supply at 1.8V
    • Core power supply at 1.2V
  • Package
    • QFN-60, 6.4mm x 6.4mm, 0.90mm Z-height, 0.35mm pin-pitch
  • Commercial temperature range of 0C to 70C

Notebooks, desktops, docking

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