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R&S NGP800 Power Supply Series

R&S NGP800系列為工程人員帶來了更多功率選。 它滿足了使用者對於最小佔用空間和最大靈活性的的需求,支援電壓250伏、電流80安培及高達800瓦的功率。 R&S NGP800系列共有五種型號,功率分別為400瓦或800瓦,並提供多達四個輸出通道,每個通道的最大輸出功率為200瓦。
R&S NGP800 Power Supply Series
All R&S®NGP800 power supplies include remote sense terminals, a USB port and a LAN interface. A user-installable GPIB interface, a digital trigger I/O, an analog input and a wireless LAN interface are optional, making these instruments great on the bench or in an automated test system. 

  • Max. output power: 800 W
  • Max. voltage per channel: 32 V or 64 V
  • Max. current per channel: 10 A or 20 A
  • Up to 250 V or 80 A in series or parallel operation
  • Large touch display

Power four DUTs simultaneously
  • Up to four independent, floating outputs
  • All outputs galvanically isolated
  • Space, cost, and time-efficient
Maximum power at various operating points
  • FlexPower
  • Up to 80 A when connected in parallel
  • Up to 250 V when connected in series
All you need at a glance
  • Large high-resolution touchscreen
  • Built-in measurements
  • Detailed statistics

Large high-resolution touchscreen
The home screen gives a clear overview of all channels. Each channel can be selected for a more detailed view containing a wide variety of additional information such as statistics and icons indicating the status of set protection levels and special functions. 

Parallel and serial operation
For applications requiring more voltage or current, the outputs can be connected in series or parallel to attain up to 250 V (R&S®NGP824) or 80 A (R&S®NGP804). When using the tracking function, the voltage and current are simultaneously adjusted on all selected channels. 

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