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MCDP50x0 | USB Type-C / DisplayPort1.4 MST Hub

The MCDP50x0 is an advanced DisplayPort1.4 MST hub with an integrated USB type-C de-multiplexer, targeted primarily for Mobile Notebook accessory and display applications.
MCDP50x0 | USB Type-C / DisplayPort1.4 MST Hub
This device functions as a multistream audiovideo splitter and protocol converter with an HDCP1.x/ HDCP2.2 repeater supporting both compressed (DSC) and uncompressed AV streams.

The MCDP50x0 has a DP alt-mode capable USB Type-C Upstream Facing Port (UFP). The four high speed lanes of UFP can receive DP1.4 MST audio-video and USB3.1 Gen2 data streams simultaneously. The input lane mapping is flexible and meets the USB Type-C connector flip orientation requirements. The incoming DP and USB signals are de-multiplexed, retimed, and transmitted on the Downstream Facing Ports (DFP). The MCDP50x0 consists of three AC coupled DP++ DFPs, each with four high-speed lanes and one USB port with USB3.1 TX and RX pair. The DP MST stream is either separated into SST outputs or sent out as DP MST on any of the DP++ ports. In addition, the DP SST streams can be converted into an HDMI output (TMDS signal format).

The combo receiver in MCDP50x0 supports all DP standard data rates up to HBR3 (8.1 Gbps/lane) and USB3.1 Gen1 (5.0 Gbps) and Gen2 (10.0 Gbps) data rates. The dual mode (DP++) transmitters support DP standard data formats up to 8.1 Gbps/lane or TMDS data format up to 6.0 Gbps/lane. The side-band channel uses 1.0 Mbps Manchester-coded AUX signaling for DP and DDC signaling format up to 100 kbps for the HDMI interface.

  • Notebook/tablet docking station, video hub
  • VR, monitor, digital signage

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