OCTEON Fusion - Baseband DPUs

Providing low latency, high system capacity and high per-user data rates – all necessary requirements for a 5G network – requires both the densification of the radio access network (RAN) and the deployment of additional network nodes. As 5G radio networks increasingly use wider bandwidths, the demand for high throughput micro cells with full macro cell capabilities has increased dramatically. Marvell’s OCTEON Fusion DPUs are targeted for multi-sector macro cell base stations, micro cell base stations, intelligent radio heads and O-RAN-defined distributed units (DUs).
OCTEON Fusion - Baseband DPUs

CNF95XX family of DPUs provide 5G and LTE-A PHY layer (L1) functionality, supporting base station designs ranging from high capacity micro cells to multi-sector macro cells. CNF95XX also support O-RAN distributed units.

The OCTEON Fusion® CNF95xx family of 4G/5G baseband processors is targeted at top tier telecommunication equipment manufacturers. With a specific focus on running 5G and 4G layer 1 processing for very high throughput macro cell base stations, CNF95xx is the industry's only macro cell merchant silicon available in the market. CNF95xx is currently in volume production with leading tier 1 OEMs.
CNF95xx baseband processors are well suited for both traditional all-in-one base station designs as well as emerging ORAN-defined split architecture base stations. An OCTEON Fusion CNF95xx distributed unit (DU) combined with a complementary OCTEON CN9xxx network processor central unit (CU) provides a compelling price/performance advantage over competing solutions. In addition, CNF95xx baseband processors support both mid-band (sub-7GHz) and mmWave radio frequencies making them suitable for 5G deployments in any geography worldwide.
CNF95xx is a lower cost and lower power alternative to the FPGA-based solutions found in the 4G/5G infrastructure market. These third-generation OCTEON Fusion processors have been ptimized for 5G PHY Layer performance but retain a degree of programmability to support future enhancements to the 3GPP 5G specification.
Marvell is receptive to the possibility of developing customerspecific variants of the CNF95xx processor for OEMs who would like their own IP blocks embedded within the chip.

Key Features

Flexible baseband architecture
  • Allows customers to configure cells/sectors/bandwidths as required for each deployment.
Support for either/both 4G and 5G
  • Single baseband chip allows network operators to provide a cost-effective solution for legacy 4G and new 5G services. They can even choose to operate both protocols simultaneously, within the same base station enclosure.
Support for a wide range of frequencies
  • Allows base stations to operate in both mid-band and mmWave, the two primary cellular spectrums available around the globe.
It is a PHY layer processor
  • Provides customer with options for all-in-one macro cells or ORAN DU configurations – both of which will be deployed over the next 5 – 10 years. OEMs can provide RAN solutions for both use cases with the same silicon.
Ethernet-based RF Interface
  • Supports new high-throughput radio technologies which are needed to support 5G connectivity.
Member of Marvell's OCTEON lineup of multi-core processors
  • Integration with Marvell-supplied solutions eases RAN design and shortens time-to-market with integrated silicon and software solutions.

Product Brochure
  1.    CNF95XX PDF

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