EDOM Expands Customer Service with New Optical Laboratory

EDOM Technology (TWSE: 3048), Asia's best solutions partner, today announced the development of a new optical lab located in Shanghai, China. The expanded facility will provide a standard testing environment to better serve the growing needs of EDOM’s optical product customers.

The equipment in the laboratory includes light boxes, spectroradiometers, standard reflection card, vernier height gage, and damping vibration isolation optical platform. The lab provides a standard dark room environment to avoid the effects of exterior ambient light. A variety of light sources are also available, including CIE daylight, cool white fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps "A" and 2300K/Horizon, UVA and two kinds of fluorescent lamps. In addition, the stable damping vibration isolation optical platform can prevent the effects of vibration and other factors in order to provide accurate experimental results.

"As a leading electronics distributor and solutions provider, EDOM has always embraced new technologies and provided its vendors, customers and partners the ability to accelerate time to market and revenues," said Ken Jin, General Manager of EDOM North China. "As part of our tradition of pursuing technical excellence, we are thrilled with the opening of our new optical lab enabling us to provide more comprehensive services and support to our customers and partners."
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