Stakeholder Achievement

1.Confirmation of Stakeholders
Stakeholders are clearly identified groups that influence or are influenced by EDOM. A preliminary selection of
stakeholder categories characterized by direct contact with the Company through routine business dealings
was carried out by each department. Subsequently, seven major stakeholder categories (shareholders/
investors, customers, suppliers, employees, media, NPOs, and government agencies) of primary importance
to INPAQ were determined in internal meeting discussions and through consultation of competitor
approaches based on key criteria such as frequency of interactions, degree of mutual influence, and degree of

2.Stakeholder Communication Channels and Issues of Concern
Issues of concern to each major stakeholder category vary depending on stakeholder identities. All EDOM
departments proactively engage in ongoing positive interactions with stakeholders who show concern for the
Company by relying on diversified channels to provide them with a timely understanding of the current state of
operations. We utilize these channels to maintain a firm grasp of stakeholder demands and expectations and
provide real-time responses. The state of stakeholder communications is reported to the Board of Directors on
an annual basis.

All EDOM departments gathered issues of concern raised by major
stakeholders in the course of routine business dealings. These issues
were then condensed and organized by the Sustainability Committee.
Finally, six sustainability issues encompassing the ESG dimensions
were identified with reference to GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards
2016 and ESG reports of the Company’s competitors to ensure that the
disclosed sustainability information satisfies GRI requirements in the
fields of integrity and diversity.

Ethics & Integrity
Our core corporate values are built on the solid foundation of legal compliance and
integrity. We have stipulated relevant provisions in our Corporate Social Responsibility Best
Practice Principles to implement ethical corporate management. With regard to material
issues in the fields of governance, social responsibility, and ethical management, we
rely on adequate credit investigation procedures to determine the commercial integrity
of counterparties. We have further established effective accounting and internal control
systems. Internal auditors conduct audits of internal control system compliance in
accordance with audit plans to ensure effective implementation of ethical management
practices. We have posted our Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles on
our corporate website for viewing by stakeholders.

We have also set up various whistleblowing channels. Stakeholders can submit reports via
the whistleblower mailbox in the investor relations section on the website. The Auditing
Office designates dedicated personnel for the initiation of investigations. As a general rule,
whistleblowers are required to provide their personal information including their name,
phone number, and e-mail address when submitting reports. This information is processed
and used for the investigation of reported issues and contacting of the whistleblower
during this process. We pass on personal information to the Company as required for
the investigation process. With a view to expediting the investigation and problem
solution process, whistleblowers are further required to provide concrete information and
documents if possible. We cannot initiate investigations if the provided information and
documents are deemed incomplete. If a relationship exists between employees designated
for investigations and the whistleblower or the accused that could result in a conflict of
interest or that could potentially affect the handling of the case, said employee (s) should
notify the Office and recuse themselves from the investigations on their own initiative. The
must be replaced with other employee (s). Investigations must be conducted in an impartial
manner. Since we are firmly committed to protecting the whistleblower from improper
treatment due to their whistleblowing, his/her identity and the investigation contents must
be kept strictly confidential.

As for our commercial interactions, we explain our ethical management policy and
applicable regulations to our transaction counterparties in the course of business dealings.
We explicitly refuse to provide, promise, request, or accept, directly or indirectly, any
improper benefit in whatever form or name. We also refrain from engaging in business
transactions with distributors, suppliers, customers, or other counterparties who are
involved in unethical conduct. If it is detected that counterparties or cooperation partners
have engaged in unethical conduct, it must be assessed if blacklisting is necessary to
ensure conformity to our ethical management policy.

Before contracts are concluded with transaction counterparties, a full understanding
must be gained of their ethical management status. Compliance with EDOM’s ethical
management policy by both parties must be incorporated in the contract terms and
conditions. Relevant provisions should include, but not be limited to, the following“: When
a party to the contract becomes aware that any personnel has violated the terms and
conditions pertaining to prohibition of acceptance of commissions, kickbacks, or other
improper benefits, the party shall immediately notify the other party of the violator’s
identity, the manner in which the provision, promise, request, or acceptance was made,
and the monetary amount or other improper benefit that was provided, promised,
requested, or accepted. The party shall also provide the other party with pertinent evidence
and cooperate fully with the investigation. If there has been resultant damage to either
party, the party may claim a certain percentage of the contract sum as compensation from
the other party and may also deduct the full amount of the damages from the contract
price payable. Where a party is discovered to be engaged in unethical conduct in its
commercial activities, the other party reserves the right to terminate or rescind the contract
unconditionally at any time.”

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