Corporate Governance Officer

The Board of Directors appointed Mr. Jackie Chien, the CFO of EDOM, as the Corporate Governance Officer responsible for corporate governance matters
Experience degree Department of Accounting, Soochow University
Deloitte & Touche
Terms of reference Promote corporate governance policies and effectively play the role of the board of directors
Annual business execution focus
  • Strengthen the transparency of corporate decision-making and improve corporate governance.
  • Assist the board of directors in implementing corporate governance and legal compliance.
  • Assist directors in fulfilling their duties as good managers to achieve the benefits of strengthening the efficiency and execution capabilities of the board of directors.
Continuing education Date(From) Date(End) Organizer Course Name Training Hours
110/8/12 110/8/12 Chinese Corporate Governance Association Discussion on the Operational Risk and Legal Responsibility of Directors and Supervisors under Corporate Governance 3
110/11/11 110/11/11 Chinese Corporate Governance Association Tax Issues Involved in Enterprises and Major Shareholders 3
111/8/12 111/8/12 Chinese Corporate Governance Association Looking at corporate sustainable governance from the perspective of risk - from corporate governance to ESG 3
111/11/8 111/11/8 Chinese Corporate Governance Association Looking at the Information Security Governance Strategies of Listed Companies from the Perspective of Sustainable Development of ESG Enterprises 3
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