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Silicon Valley Heart Ball The" Silicon Valley Heart Ball" is hosted by American Heart Association. The organization's mission is to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. To accomplish the guideline, volunteering to educate people attacking the problem by knowing more about heart disease. Millions of volunteers and donors support their efforts from worldwide.
Hualian's Beipu Elementary School Soccer Team Embrace the passion of sports with children and give back to our community. EDOM started the soccer sponsorship program to Hualian's Beipu Elementary School since 2015. To benefit the children living in remote area, we offer free meal to little soccer players. Help young students to enjoy sports and gain long-term benefits of exercise.
Future Challenge Cup They aim to provide more opportunities to junior golfers and increase the trend in sports. Fortunately, there are many golf courses took participation in this contest program. EDOM will continue our efforts to advocate of junior golf in the future.
Pingtung Taiwu Junior High School Volleyball Team Being a strong supporter for educators in remote villages and guidance for students, EDOM joined the sponsorship of the Guidance Project led by Puren Youth Care Foundation. Throughout the assistance of the project, students not only improved in volleyball skills and confidence but also the ability of self-respect, teamwork, and trust as a group member.
Changhua Chutang Junior High School Athletics Team Building self-confidence on the stage other than studying, EDOM joined the sponsorship of the Guidance Program led by Puren Youth Care Foundation to provide a good athletics environment. The goal is to assist students in developing talents and encouraging continuous learning.

Press Release
  • EDOM supports the ''2018 Future Challenge Cup
  • 2018 Silicon Valley Heart Ball
  • EDOM to sponsor 2019 Future Challenge Cup
  • EDOM to Become Title Sponsor of Taiwan Senior PGA Championship
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