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Puren Youth Care Foundation It's composed by a group of people who are enthusiastic in social welfare; Strictly speaking, the service work has been performed silently over last 20 some years since 1982. With Popularization and Compassion as our principle, we started with very limited resources yet fills with infinite compassion, zealous spirit to serve the needed. The objective of our foundation is as follow: promoting social care for young people, creating social consciousness for young people, developing all kinds of social service projects to care for young people. And Promoting youngster complete person education.
World Vision World Vision is the biggest organization which dedicated to helping World's children. They serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Over the next several decades, they expanded its work throughout 100+ countries. Resources from child sponsorship assisted poor children with food, education, health care and vocational training.
ShanHsien Lee Foundation The foundation was founded to commemorate Dr. ShanHsien Lee who focus on charitable contributions for Taitung. As a local community welfare organization of ester Taiwan, they not only holding the career training center, but also providing the physically and mentally disabled with complete services.
Hsiang Shang Social Welfare Foundation To develop and promote social welfare movement based on humanitarianism concepts, the foundation is dedicated to helping out children who lost their parents or desperately needed support as well as actively promoting various social welfare needs. They hope to continue promoting and integrating resources to society, providing multi-services to the vulnerable groups.
Mennonite New Dawn Educare Center Mennonites are known for their contribution in social services. The New Dawn Education Center(NDEC) provides for the needs of a community of people with intellectual disabilities. It has been in operation since 1977 and has many different programs to meet the needs of its residents.  Their vision is to empower people with disabilities to live a life of in dependence, holistic personal development, and health.
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) is an international non-governmental organization who provides support to vulnerable children and their families and has its headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan. From the financial support through foreign donors in the very early beginning, we are now a self-independent organization whose mission and vision still remains on the consideration of needy children’s benefits. We are helping children in dire need in Taiwan and worldwide all through the contribution and donation from the public.
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