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AI Computing

AI Computing



Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)



Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

EDOM TECH AGV Solution includes complete BSP software and customized hardware integration, which provides developers one-stop professional consulting and technical support. The solution features powerful NVIDIA Jetson DevKit with complete peripheral components such as SONY CMOS High-resolution Lens, ToF Sensor, ST Motor Controller, TDK-InvenSense IMU, Marvell SATA Controllers, custom GPS/LTE/WIFI modules, and complete power supply options.

Access Control and Temperature Measurement Solution

The EDOM AI epidemic prevention solutions are based on the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module, Cyberlink's highly accurate FaceMe AI engine, the Melexis thermal IR array, Framos depth camera and Innolux 11.6" TFT LCD Display NB modules. Solutions will help EDOM's customers develop high-precision body temperature detection, intelligent identification terminal products, and achieve rapid market adoption. 

Smart Watch Solution

Smartwatches surpass the functional limitations of traditional watches. Through the integration of wireless and communication components such as LTE, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, etc., smartwatches enable functions such as message synchronization, call answering, contactless payments, digital assistant capability, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity that improve and transforms the utility of these devices for its users. 

EDOM's Smart Watch solution provides developers with one-stop professional consulting services. The solution includes a wide variety of sensors, connectivity components, and power-related chips. With EDOM's solution, manufacturers can adapt industry-leading products, receive complete FAE support, and accomplish their innovative development of a smartwatch at ease.

Smart Retail - Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Solution

Smart Retail and Smart Warehousing solutions revolve around Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). By leveraging smart tags utilizing edge computing and connectivity, store-wide label information can be continuously updated, enabling a smoother in-store shopping experience for customers, and increased revenue as well as decreased management costs for the retailer.

EDOM Technology’s ESL Solution provides developers a one-stop professional consulting service and technical support. The solution includes integrated development modules and a wide variety of peripherals such as MCUs, connectivity components, power, memory, MPUs, etc. The solution features industry-leading brands and advanced FAE supports, helping you develop and innovate ESL solution with ease.

New Solutions Accelerate your 5G innovations

High-speed transmission, low latency, and high reliability are the three major features of 5G. 

EDOM Technology's mobile communication platform team is committed to providing the most professional technical services and one-stop solutions. Our vendor, Boreas Technology, launched Piezo Haptic Driver IC which can effectively optimize the user's response feedback and the design cost of the phone case. Furthermore, the integrated design will effectively improve the level of waterproof. The solution features diverse functional components from RF IC, sensors, Wi-Fi modules, memory, to power control.  Our one-stop solution can meet any developer's innovative needs. 
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