Smart Gateway

Smart Gateway

Our smart gateway is a physical device and platform that serves as the connection point between the cloud and controllers, sensors and intelligent devices.

Sensing is life

ams is driving new sensing technologies with unprecedented levels of miniaturization, integration and accuracy.

ams develops cutting-edge sensing solutions for optical, audio, environmental and imaging that fuel the next-generation applications and define future mega trends.

EDOM Technology

EDOM-Your Best Solutions Partner

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Our advantages :

  • Providing platform turn-key solutions for mainstream and potential market.
  • Having abundant experience and competency in design-in backed up by an outstanding technical team comprised of engineers of various expertise.
  • Having close ties with major manufacturers in Asia.
  • Enjoying plenty experience in mega trend products and management.
  • Having established a highly efficient logistics system
  • Having aggressive and effective marketing operation to ensure distributed products having high exposure in Asia.
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