Smart Watch Solution

Smart Watch Solution

Diversified Smart Watch Functions Enhance the User's Experience
Smartwatches surpass the functional limitations of traditional watches. Through the integration of wireless and communication components such as LTE, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, etc., smartwatches enable functions such as message synchronization, call answering, contactless payments, digital assistant capability, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity that improve and transforms the utility of these devices for its users.
The combination of various sensors is one of the keys to market segmentation. By integrating ECG/EKG and PPG sensors, smartwatches can capture the user's heartbeat and pulse oximetry, respectively. Combined with pressure sensors, ambient light sensors, 6-axis sensors together with algorithms, a smartwatch can also infer and report user blood pressure, sleep status, lactate threshold heart rate, and maximum oxygen uptake. These functions can not only detect potential physical anomalies but also assist athletes to create better training programs and reduce the chance of accidental injury.

Power management optimization is also critical for any wearable device. The selection of batteries in combination with the efficiency of all components including those related to power becomes crucial when maximizing battery life. In addition to using low-power MCUs as the main processor, power management ICs are used to reduce current consumption. Furthermore, wireless charging is also an attractive option to further enhance convenience and safety.

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EDOM's Smart Watch solution provides developers with one-stop professional consulting services. The solution includes a wide variety of sensors, connectivity components, and power-related chips. With EDOM's solution, manufacturers can adapt industry-leading products, receive complete FAE support, and accomplish their innovative development of a smartwatch at ease.

Ultra-low-power MCU

STM32L4+ series providing more performance (up to 120MHz), more embedded memory (up to 2Mbytes of Flash memory and 640Kbytes of SRAM), richer graphics and connectivity features while keeping our best-in-class ultra-low-power capability. The STM32L4+ series enables more advanced consumer, medical and industrial low-power applications. 

GPS/GNSS Solution

SYN47768/SYN47755 world-class Global Navigation Satellite System SoC devices includes unmatched L1+L5 dual-frequency GPS technology for broad applications.

Bluetooth LE SoC

EFR32BG22 is ideal for a broad range of Bluetooth LE applications including asset tags, beacons, portable medical, fitness, and Bluetooth mesh low power nodes. BG22 delivers industry-leading energy efficiency that can extend coin cell battery life beyond five years.

Vital Sign Sensor

AS7038RB is supported by algorithms converting the PPG and ECG readings into digital HRM, HRV, Continuous Blood Pressure and SpO2 values. Its low-power design and small from factor is particularly well suited to application in fitness bands and smart watches.

Wearable Cell

Enovix is the leader in 100% silicon-anode lithium-ion batteries. Through its proprietary high energy density 3D cell, wearable devices could apply more functions, increase battery life and create a remarkable user experience.
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