The strategic partnership between EDOM and PollenTech enables the delivery of complete, robust and properly integrated HW & SW system solutions. The cooperation enables silicon vendors and end product manufacturers (OEM/ODM) to shorten their product development cycle, accelerate time to market of fully optimized and robust solutions, and create new business opportunities in multiple applications.

EDOM's Solutions Partner - PollenTech
  • Enable the development of our customers' unique applications
    • IoT and Mobile
    • Consumer electronics
    • Industrial
    • Automotive

  • Kernel to full applications
  • Any major OS
  • RTOS to Android
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PollenTech is the expert in Embedded Systems. They have strong understanding how to successfully develop robust and efficient code that must operate within limited memory space, restricted performance capabilities and in real time.
PollenTech experience covers the entire software stack from the PHY to the application layer. They also have deep knowledge of RTOS and device drivers from the protocols to the applications.
PollenTech software development incorporates industry accepted best practices allowing world class quality deliveries in everything they do.

PollenTech has experience working with many of the most popular semiconductor vendors and their devices including both MCUs and Wireless MCUs. They can bring together disparate bits and pieces of code and unify them into a coherent and functional whole even when those elements are from different sources or design groups.

PollenTech provides consulting services helping to explore, analyze and define the numerous and sometimes dizzying possibilities existing within the IoT market today and will guide customers to find the optimal solution that meet their specific needs.
  • Technology analysis and studies on an individual basis and as a complete system
  • Performance studies and optimization
  • Solution proposals
  • Industry analysis

PollenTech accelerates time-to-revenue for its customers by providing robust and field-proven embedded software design and development services. Leveraging their past experience working as part of top-tier mobile and connectivity companies, PollenTech delivers high-quality solutions to meet the most stringent customer requirements and schedules. PollenTech can address any and all layers of the embedded SW stack from kernel to applications, any RTOS or Linux-based operating system, various connectivity stacks, all IC vendor platforms including all IoT silicon vendors and, a variety of applications including IoT sensors and gateways, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive and cellular.
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