The Happy Company
Sharing Success and Grow together

At EDOM, We provide a comprehensive training program for our team members at different stages to fully develop individual potential.
We believe that employees are the most important asset of a company.
Only by providing a positive learning and growing environment can a company prosper and thrive.
We look forward to your joining and growing with EDOM in this fast-changing industry.

We offer :
  • Attractive compensation package and performance-based bonus
  • Comprehensive product training and coaching
  • Labor insurance, Health Insurance, Pension, Group Insurance and Travel Insurance
  • People care programs, including Health Check Up, parking and mobile subsidy, congratulatory and condolence money
  • Progressive career path; career mobility program
  • Company activities, Year End Party, Family Day, EWC clubs and activities

Young Talent Program

Searching for the next opportunity to level yourself up and gain professional experience? Begin your journey with us! We offer two months intensive professional programs to help you to become an international young talent in Semiconductor industry.


公司除保障同仁十四個月年薪外,亦於公司章程第十九條明訂,將依照公司經營績效及員工個人績效發給年終獎金,藉此鼓勵同仁提升工作成果,以帶動組織整體正向發展。此外, 員工除依法參加勞工保險及全民健康保險外,且享有參加團體商業保險、健康檢查、春酒餐會、年終尾牙活動等;以及結婚補助、生育補助、子女教育補助、喪葬補助與三節獎金。

People Care Culture

We are committed to helping our employees achieve well-being in many aspects of their lives. Whether health, financial or personal well-being, at Edom there are numerous programs to help employees achieve their personal goals.

Career Development

Ambitious enough to believe you can make a positive impact in our world? Well, we believe you can, through our international assignments and projects. There is no limit that we can achieve with us!

Social Responsibility

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential elements for long-term success in our world.
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