Wireless charger IC

Wireless Power Transmitter Compliant with WPC V1.2.4 protocol of 7.5W/10W
Wireless charger IC
IP6806 is a wireless power transmitter controller SoC that integrates all required functions for the latest WPC Qi V1.2.4 specifications compliant wireless power transmitter design. Support A11 coil, support 5W, Apple 7.5W, Samsung 10W charging. It used analog PING to detect a RX wireless device for charging with low standby power. Once RX device is detected, the IP6806 establish a communication with the RX wireless device and controls the coil power transfer by adjusting operation frequency, depended on calculating the data packages, received from RX device, with PID algorithm. IP6806 terminate power transfer when RX device is fully charged. IP6806 integrate full-bridge driver and full bridge power MOS, includes voltage and current two-way ASK demodulation module, and input overvoltage/current protection and FOD module. IP6806 is a highly integrated SoC for small-size and low bom cost solutions and reduced time-to-market.

  • Compliant with the WPC V1.2.4 specificatiosn transmitter design 
  • Support 5~10W applications
    • Single 5W applications
    • Fast charge input for 5~10W applications
  • Input withstand voltage up to 16V
  • Integrate NMOS full bridge driver and full bridge power MOS
  • Integrate voltage/current demodulator
  • Support FOD (Foreign Object Detection) function
    • High sensitivity
    • Support dynamic FOD
    • External resistor adjusts FOD parameters
  • Low quiescent dissipation and high efficiency
    • 10mA quiescent current
    • Charging efficiency is up to 79%
  • Compatible with NPO and CBB capacitors
  • Support Dynamic Power Modulation (DPM) for insufficient USB power source
    • Support low voltage charger of 5V/500mA
  • Input overvoltage, overcurrent protection
  • Support Fast Charge input
  • Supports up to 3 LEDs for system states indication
  • Pacage: 5 mm × 5 mm 0.5pitch QFN32 


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