FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine (SDK)

The World’s Top Cross-Platform AI Facial Recognition Engine
FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine (SDK)
FaceMe® is a highly accurate AI engine – ranked one of the best in the NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (VISA and WILD tests). Through constant innovation, we ensure our technology meets the highest accuracy and security standards, for deployments across a wide range of industries and use cases.

FaceMe® is uniquely positioned to integrate edge-based AI facial recognition into a wide range of IoT and AIoT solutions. FaceMe® is optimized to run on most hardware configurations, from high-end workstations to low-power chipsets typically used in IoT devices. It supports more than 10 operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu x86, Ubuntu ARM, RedHat, CentOS, Yocto, Debian and JetPack. FaceMe® can run on low-power CPUs to enable facial recognition on cost-effective IoT/AIoT devices, as well as be integrated with high-end servers, workstations and personal computers equipped with GPU to provide highly efficient performance.

  • Cross platform & OS support: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and JetPack
  • Inference engine optimization: Intel® OpenVINO™, TensorRT, TensorFlow, CoreML
  • IoT platform & GPU/VPU optimization: NVIDIA Jeston, NVIDIA CUDA, Intel® Movidius
  • Highly accurate: FAR 99.7% (@TAR 1E-4)/ FAR 98.95% (@TAR 1E-6)
  • Key features: face detection, facial recognition, facial features extraction (age, gender, emotion)
  • Advanced Image Pre-processing: CyberLink’s unique TrueTheather™ visual enhancement technology improves image quality in the pre-processing phase and increases accuracy by 11.65%.
  • Mask Detection: FaceMe® AI technology can identify individuals who are not wearing a mask, where it is a requirement.
  • Facial Recognition with Masks: FaceMe®'s update algorithm provides the ability to accurately recognize a person's identity of up to 95% accuracy rate.
  • Secure Anti-Spoofing: FaceMe® supports anti-spoofing with mainstream 3D cameras as well as 2D cameras on phones and tablets.

*Cyberlink Authorized Distributor 
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